This is a short post especially for my (very!) good friends Kirsten, Caroline and William. They live in Sarasota, Florida/USA. We last saw each other in 2015, when we had a blast while being their guests. Next year they will come to Europe again – hopefully. Miss you guys! William (Bill) was the one, who offered me my first dry hopped beer – that was in New York in the early nineties …

Well – these days I discovered (here) a very special beer. What a surprise! Have a look:

The writing on the bottle can be translated like this:

“Sarasota Summer Ale dry hopped. Inspired by warm and long summer nights in Sarasota, Florida, while sipping our unfiltered summer ales, you will find the sweetness of aromatic fruits and a pleasant bitterness of Hallertau Cascade and Saphir hops. The golden yellow refreshment for summer beer enjoyment.”

The beer is brewed in Pfaffenhofen, which is located about 35 km south of Ingolstadt. In this brewery. It´s a well made beer. In particular when you really know the warm and long summer nights and days in Sarasota 🙂 They are very present at the moment …

Warmest greetings to all of you!

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